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            Bor Hurng Electronic Co., Ltd., which was established in Taiwan in 1978, is a professional manufacturer and seller of  aluminum electrolytic capacitors. In year 1988, Bor Hurng became one of the first Taiwan enterprises in the circle that invested in Chinamainland and established its factory in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province. Land occupation of the factory is 10,000㎡, with the annual capacity of 1.2 billion pieces. And the turnover is over USD$20 million per year. The enterprise is certified by ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO14001:2004 environment management system. All products are qualified with RoHS standard approved by SGS.

            Bor Hurng’s strongest products are lighting-specialized aluminum electrolytic capacitors with the features of small size, low leakage current, low loss, good consistency, high reliability, wide temperature range and good weldability. The capacitors are suitable for CFL, LED light, HID light, electronic ballast and UPS, etc.. Bor Hurng has an excellent team of R&D experts and workers, with whole sets of fully automatic capacitor production line and testing equipment introduced from Japan and Taiwan. For the above advantages, Bor Hurng enjoys high reputation at home and abroad. Besides China mainland, the products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, Middle Africa, Australia, India, Russia, Singapore as well as other regions and countries. To provide customers with better services, Bor Hurng has set up branch offices in Dongguan, Foshan and Hong Kong.

            With the globalization development of electronic industry, insisting on the concept of customer first, excellent quality, aggressive innovation, and environmental protection, Bor Hurng will always take up challenges to create a wonderful world for the future.


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